Welcome Gift Givers!

Thanks for joining me in our 15 minute Staycation Retreat!  Today I’m enjoying a cup of “Morning Thunder” tea…almost synonymous with all the rainy weather in my area. LOL! So Lets get started…

As a former Wedding Gift Registry Adviser, I assisted many gift givers with themed Bridal Shower Gifts and sometimes even House Warming Gifts.  The “Kitchen Themed” event is fun! Regardless if the cook is a newbie or seasoned to the culinary arts the one constant is having gadgets, tools or dishes that make meal preparation easy!  You just may want to get a gift for yourself…


 Kitchen Themed Gifts

idea:: Practical Kitchen Gifts with Flair

April 26 Pic Zest

April 26 Pic Baking

April 26 Pic Egg Keeper & Baking DishApril 26 Pic BlueApril 26 Pic CountertopApril 26 pic Cuisinart hand mixer

If you are thinking like me, a Counter-Top Group Gift can be the way to go…creating a lovely display on a gift table.  Instead of the traditional gift in a box.  Use gift bags placing colored gift tissue matching the color theme!

Ceramic Egg Holder [149-464]

Ceramic Scalloped Loaf Pan [149-756] remember ceramic is naturally non-stick

Mason Jar Measuring Spoons [249-257]          Mason Jar Salt & Pepper Shaker Set [249-261]

Mason Jar Measuring Cup Set [249-242]         Biscuit Cutters (Set of 5) [151-202]

Push Out Muffin Pan [150-574]                        Fruit Basket with Banana Hanger [249-348]

Inspirational Mug Set  GREEN [602-806]    RED [602-810]

Mug Holder and Basket [151-365]             Silicone and Bamboo Utensils (Set of 5) [151-494]

Organizing Crock with Chalkboard Front [249-314]

9.5 inch Non-Stick Flip Pan [151-384]        Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender [007-536]

These and other gifts or self gifting items are available; Shop my eStore.


Thank you for visiting with me today; follow my blog post I have some upcoming gift surprises I think you may enjoy!

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