A New Way to Strengthen, Protect and Rebuild Hair

Biotin, Calcium and Bamboo Extract were formulated together in Espira AM to help protect, strengthen and rebuild hair, skin, and nails.

I have been so busy the last couple of months and knew I needed to support my natural hair health journey.  The latter part of January, I started using Espira AM and PM; today marks 30 days of using this amazing supplement.  The results for me were outstanding! My hair has grown three inches in just one month, less shedding during this time, and most importantly my hair texture looks and feels amazing.  Now that my schedule is a little less hectic; I’m looking forward to the healthy hair results I gain using this product and staying on track with my hair care routine.  I’ll keep you posted.

Take a look at this product video…

Video content provided by Avon

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