Start Something Great! WHY? You are Great!

Avon Recruiting Pink Roses_Updated

My reason for becoming an Avon Representative is to have more time for me; enjoying a great quality of life is important.  Avon affords me the time to travel, attend conferences, socialize with other entrepreneurs and to empower others.  Now that both of my children are adults, the time is right!  As mothers, women often put themselves last to ensure their children and families needs and many of their wants are met.  I can attest to the fact that I often placed many of my talents on the back burner, joyfully I have no regrets. I am blessed with two lovely well-educated children who are cheering me on in my Avon endeavor!  Avon is empowering me and I want to share the emotional wealth and financial possibilities of that empowerment with those who want it too.  Start Something Great...What’s your motivation…What is your WHY?


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