Happy International Women’s Day!

Women have made vast contributions to society.  We have talents that are sometimes recognized and but more often go unnoticed. Women have a strength and business savvy to create unbelievable upward mobile businesses, as well as research, educational and civic concepts that span internationally. I am so proud of the women who have come before me and led the way; who have given me and others the inspiration to believe in ourselves and in our dreams.   Women are nurturers and with that gift, we are magnificent mentors, leaders, visionaries of the overarching needs of our families and communities.

I sometimes must remind myself when challenges arise that Belief is key.  During those times, for me, it is tapping into my belief and personal relationship with God; rising to the occasion because of my children and those around me that I want to encourage and show that nothing is impossible. Be motivated and press through towards your goals. The sisterhood is fierce, so continue to believe in yourself, know that you were born with everything you need to make a positive difference in the lives of others by the innate talents you have within you.  Applaud yourselves no matter where you are on your life mission and know that International Women’s Day didn’t happen by accident it was a celebration of women that’s long overdue!  I Applaud you, myself and those magnificent women to come!

Happy International Women’s Day!

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