Make Your Wish Come True!

Trying to determine what route to take to make a wish, a dream or a goal come true can be daunting.  I know when I became an empty nester, my wish was to use what I have learned through the years, empower women in a fun wholesome way.  Earning some cash along the way while doing so was a great bonus.  When the opportunity of AVON came to mind.  I was ecstatic!  I knew with the wonderful technology we have today through social media, the Facebook Parties, YouTube Live, Instagram Stories and meeting up this way with friends and family was going to be fun!  I can attest it is a lot of fun!  I’ve met so many new people and been honored to help those in need by being an Avon Representative.  You can too!

Rose Bouquet Recruiting Update March 2018

Start today! Reference Code: Omni1Channel2Dee

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