Benefits of Being Your Own Boss


Think Like a BossTired of the 9 to 5 grind? Want to be your own boss? Need to make more money without sacrificing time with the family? If you answered ‘yes’ to all the above, this episode is for you.

Host Evy DeAngelis chats with Avon Representatives Orenthia RickettsDonna Reid-Mitchell, and Linda Montavon the benefits of being your own boss!

EVY: What does being a beauty boss mean to you?

ORENTHIA: Being a beauty boss means freedom to me. When I started I thought I had a shoe habit, but it wasn’t a shoe habit. When I felt that shoebox in my hands, it felt like freedom. So, this has evolved into owning that freedom that comes with being a beauty boss.

DONNA: Avon gives me the financial freedom to live the life I choose. When I started Avon, my daughter was 4 months old and she’s now 15; my son is now 21. I look back and it is such a fulfilling experience to know that because I have worked my business consistently, I’ve been able to be there for every important milestone in my kids’ lives.

My granddaughter said something funny to me the other day, she said “Grandma, why doesn’t everyone sell Avon?” and I said, “I don’t think they understand what Avon is.” And she said, “Well, you sell Avon, you have a lot of friends, you get to do what you want, why not?” I asked her if she was going to be an Avon Representative and she said, “Of course!”

LINDA: I get to live my life on my terms, my way and make a difference in the lives of others and there are no barriers on what we can earn. I can be nana, I can be a wife, I can be a mom, neighbor, friend, entrepreneur and live a boss life.

EVY: What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?

LINDA: Years ago, I was very, very shy. I have grown so much with self-discovery. Today, I’m the CEO of my own business, but I have the perks that come with Open that belief window and believe in yourself. I put family first. It’s a company that empowers women and men to live the lives they want.

ORENTHIA: I’ve learned that power comes from within. I find that as I grow, and as others around me grow, that has been the greatest source of power for me hence the name of my book — Poised, Polished and Powerful. Especially as a woman, when you can feel all three, the doors start to open.

DONNA: For me, my mom has advanced dementia and when my mom’s care needs to be changed, I was the only one out of my six siblings who could step up to the plate and take care of mom. So, power for me equals options. Power equals unlimited options to do what we want to do.

Credits: Content from Avon Insider Blog.


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