Thanks for visiting and subscribing to my blog.  My name is Dee Williams and in just a few more weeks my son who happens to be my youngest of two children will be graduating from college! Wow, how time flies…my children are now grown.  My daughter who is abroad assisting the with efforts in Rwanda’s healthcare system is making it even clearer that I will soon be an Empty Nester! We’ll just have to see how my son’s animation internship turns out! LOL!!

I have always loved AVON products; it was always something special receiving my purchases and finding the samples my Avon representative would leave inside my Avon bag.  When my children were younger, I looked forward to setting aside time for me with my Avon brochure sipping tea with pen and notepad in hand so that I could jot down products to purchase to enhance a better me.

For me, the products have met my expectations and matched the purpose advertised.  My excitement to become an Independent Representative is growing each year with the ever-increasing product line covering the spectrum from Cosmetics, Skin Care, Fragrances, Body Care, Jewelry, Clothing, Footwear and even products for the home!

Those that know me well, know I love to write, inspire others, give happy and meaningful gifts and host small celebratory gatherings.  While my son was in college I had the opportunity to work a second job part-time job as a Wedding Gift Registry Adviser with Macy’s. The experience coupled with my love to inspire others was novel!  Most of my career prior to the last eight years has been as an upper executive level in the corporate or university arena. Whew! After the death of my father, I decided I wanted to better understand how to prevent or address healthcare issues that I had seen so prevalent in my community, so I became a critical cardiovascular intensive care nurse and a nurse case manager.  I know, I know another… Whew!

My goal at this point in my life is to unleash my entrepreneur talents through Avon this year if God says the same. Most of all…exhale in knowing I’ve been blessed to raise two children to adulthood, they are educated and now I can have some great fun with my beloved Avon…“This is Boss Life!”